Next Steps After You Execute Your Estate Plan

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Congratulations! You have officially completed your estate plan with Ibekwe Law, PLLC. Here is a helpful checklist for what to do with your new documents.

Properly Store Your Documents

Keep your executed documents properly stored in an organized way. You can keep them in a fire safe box, somewhere in your house, or in a security deposit box.

Gather a List of Key Contacts

Create a list of key people for your ‘need to know’ list. Also be sure to get these key people a digital copy of any estate planning documents that apply to them, and notify your executors about where your original will is stored.

Align Your Estate Plan

Coordinate your financial and real estate assets, beneficiary designations, and other documents with your estate plan. This may require retitling certain assets and/or changing beneficiary designations.

List Your Digital Assets

Make an up-to-date secure, accessible document or digital password saver for your online account user IDs, account numbers, and passwords. If you decide to do this on paper; keep your digital asset information in a secure place. Notify your executor (or digital executor) and other key people about where to find this information.

Periodically Update Your Plan

Review and update your estate plan after major life events like marriage, divorce, remarriage, birth, adoption, or death. Also review your plan after changes in your financial situation, including buying large assets, when debts are repaid, and other financial events.

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