Motherhood Doesn’t Define Your Self Worth


Before I had kids, Mother’s Day seemed like the ultimate celebration of motherhood. I remember scoffing at mom friends who complained that nothing significant really happened on their “special” day.

Now that I have kids, I BELIEVE MY MOM FRIENDS! Mother’s Day can be a total letdown. It can also cause so much hurt for women who want to be mothers, single moms, and those who have experienced the loss of a child or mother.

I don’t have the magic solution for the perfect Mother’s Day. Here’s what I recommend whether or not you are a mama:

  • Communicate Your Needs and Desires. Let the people who matter know whether you want to be alone, go to brunch, hang out with your mom(-figure), or just spend time with the kids in your life.
  • Be Sensitive. All around us are people who have experienced loss. I have been there. Reach out to someone who is hurting. Plan a fun girls’ day with wine.
  • Mother’s Day Doesn’t Define Your Worth. It’s one day, but you are a woman all year round—spreading your positive feminine energy far and wide (biological kids or not). You matter whether or not you receive greeting cards or flowers. Mother’s Day can’t change that fact.

Fun Fact: The founder of Mother’s Day spent much of her life trying to undo the “holiday” due to the over-commercialization of the event.
I am grateful (all year round) to have children. This year, I planned and scheduled motherhood photo sessions from @cole_collective. This was my gift to myself. When my husband asked, I told him that I’d prefer to get new plants. for my garden in lieu of a family lunch. I’d be getting these plants anyway. I have no further expectations or wants for Mother’s Day.
Maybe you can set up yourself with a will as a gift to yourself! I can help with that. You have the added benefit of taking care of loved ones too.
What do you want to do (or not do) on Sunday?