Just Keep Swimming.


We’ve all heard horror stories about kids drowning because they don’t know how to swim. This is an unimaginable nightmare for any parent.

Hard Stats [i]

  • Approximately one out of five people who die from drowning in the United State are children aged 14 years or younger.
  • For every child who dies from drowning, five get emergency care for non-fatal water-related injuries.
  • Drowning is higher for kids aged 1-4 and for African-American children

I knew I had to do something to protect my children from this outcome. So, for the last year, I put all of my kids in swimming lessons. We go for thirty minutes once a week. ⁣The kids are so excited to be in the water.

  • My five year old is learning his third stroke—the backstroke. It isn’t pretty, but it’s getting there.
  • My three year old is swimming like a fish. She hardly uses her arms but her legs are unbelievably strong.
  • My baby LOVES to be in the water and often melts down when her class is over.

Honestly, swimming is the one of the best investments my family has ever made. It’s so necessary for children to learn how to swim so they are protected with safety skills whenever they are near any body of water. ⁣

This same rationale is what I apply to setting up a will, trust, and other legal documents to protect children. You can by setting up a plan to protect your loved ones in the event of death and an unexpected emergency. ⁣We all know how life can present us with “just in case” moments. Be prepared. ⁣I can show you how. Book a consultation today.

[i] Source: Drowning Data