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There’s no doubt about it – you’re a hardworking and dedicated professional who has put immense time and effort into honing your craft. Whether you’re a physician, engineer, entrepreneur or other high-earning professional, you had to work hard to get where you are. And, with each passing year, you become more and more financially secure. […]


Estate Planning Tips for High Wage Earners

Many of you may be familiar with the phrase—“show me the receipts”—made popular by the incomparable Whitney Houston during her infamous interview with Diane Sawyer. Basically, it means show me evidence to back up what you are saying. This phrase is also applicable to contracts and why you need to get agreements in writing. “Get […]


Show Me the Receipts! 5 Reasons to Get a Written Contract

Unlike the tons of emails you may be receiving suggest, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not some form of unknowable, impending doom. It is a European Union (EU) law that is designed to give EU residents (yes, those from over the pond) better control over personal data held by organizations. Here’s the quick […]


Quick and Dirty Facts about the European Data Protection Law