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If you are designated as the executor or administrator of someone’s estate, the deceased person trusts you with the responsibility to execute their final wishes related to their estate. Suppose this is your first experience serving as an estate executor or administrator. In that case, there can be a reasonably steep learning curve that includes […]

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How to Obtain Letters Testamentary

Your estate plan is your legacy that you extend to the people you care about, and as such, it addresses your wealth and assets (whether these are modest, quite grand, or somewhere in between). Additionally, however, your outstanding debts will flow through your estate, and you want to ensure that yours are addressed in a […]

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Creditors and Estate Planning

If you find yourself wondering what is a digital executor, it is probably a good time to consult with an experienced Texas estate planning attorney. It is 2021, and when we die, we are very likely to leave behind a number of unattended digital happenings that can range from social media accounts to subscriptions and […]

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What Is A Digital Executor?

You went to the trouble of creating an estate plan that represents your legacy and that helps protect those you love the most financially, so you think you are set for all of your estate planning needs. While it is true that if you have an estate plan you are ahead of the game, it […]

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When To Modify Your Estate Plan