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You already know, all-too-well, the havoc that divorce can cause in your life. Beyond the emotional turmoil, you may spend months splitting up assets, negotiating support, and much more. Who wants to hear that they need to schedule another meeting with an attorney to address your estate plan?! But here are some reasons why this […]

Nomination of Guardian for Minor

Estate Planning After Divorce

If you are designated as the executor or administrator of someone’s estate, the deceased person trusts you with the responsibility to execute their final wishes related to their estate. Suppose this is your first experience serving as an estate executor or administrator. In that case, there can be a reasonably steep learning curve that includes […]

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How to Obtain Letters Testamentary

Estate planning is complicated, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws are challenging, which makes the combination of HIPAA and estate planning as complicated as it is important. Your estate plan is not complete if it does not address an incapacity plan via a trust agreement (or another means), which has HIPAA implications. […]

Estate Planning, HIPAA Waiver

Do Trust Agreements Need HIPAA Authorization?

An experienced estate planning attorney has the legal insight, compassion, and commitment to help you nominate as guardian the person who is right for you and your child –thus providing you with the peace of mind every parent seeks. When you choose someone to nominate as a guardian for your child in the state of […]

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Who May I Nominate as Guardian for My Child?

The Texas probate process is a complex but important facet of the law. And whether you are ready to write your Last Will and Testament (will) or are executing the will of a loved one, an experienced Texas probate attorney can help ensure your wishes are carried out after your death. Probate can be a […]

Estate Planning, Probate

Understanding the Texas Probate Process

An experienced estate planning attorney can help you determine whether or not you should spring a durable power of attorney. Having professional legal counsel in your corner can provide you with information to make the best possible decision for your specific circumstance. The term spring a durable power of attorney may sound a bit odd. […]

Estate Planning, Power of Attorney

Should You Spring a Durable Power of Attorney?

The disposition of remains in Texas is an important matter. Still, without the necessary legal planning that an experienced Texas estate planning attorney can offer, it can be challenging to ensure that your preferences will prevail. Many people have particular desires regarding the final disposition of their remains –or how they will be buried or […]

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4 Options For Final Disposition of Remains In Texas

If you do not have a medical power of attorney in place and are unable to make decisions about your medical care (due to incapacitation or any other significant matter), someone else will need to make these decisions on your behalf, and this person is called your surrogate decision-maker (SDM). The question of when can […]

Estate Planning, Family, Wills & Trusts

When Can a Family Member Serve as a Surrogate Decision-Maker?

  Advance directives refer to documents that outline your wishes regarding your health care should a time come that you are unable to make important decisions for yourself. Two of the most common examples include a living will and a medical power of attorney (POA). Advance directives are a good idea for every adult to […]

Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

4 Things an Advance Directive Should Address

Having a medical power of attorney in Texas is an important matter that should be given the careful consideration it deserves. Your medical power of attorney (medical POA) is a legal document that you –as the principal and as a competent adult –sign in order to designate someone whom you trust to make decisions about […]

Estate Planning, Family, Power of Attorney

Selecting the Right Attorney-in-Fact for Your Medical Power of Attorney

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