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You went to the trouble of creating an estate plan that represents your legacy and that helps protect those you love the most financially, so you think you are set for all of your estate planning needs. While it is true that if you have an estate plan you are ahead of the game, it […]

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When To Modify Your Estate Plan

Your estate plan is your legacy’s blueprint, and an experienced tax and estate planning attorney can help ensure that your legacy is well-executed and follows your wishes. Tax and estate planning attorneys are not just for the uber-wealthy or for massive international corporations. Tax planning and structuring are important for businesses of every size, and […]

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Tax And Estate Planning Attorney

Intergenerational wealth speaks to the mark your extended family makes on your community, and careful estate planning can help you maximize this impact for generations to come. Intergenerational wealth and estate planning are both terms that sound pretty complicated. What is more, they probably sound like something that does not pertain to you. However, intergenerational […]

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Intergenerational Wealth for Women Using Estate Planning

If you are one of the many busy women making your financial mark on the world, you need professional entrepreneurial wealth and asset protection on your side. Women, on average, earn less than men in the same professions, but this does little to stop us from holding our own when it comes to building our […]

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Entrepreneurial Wealth and Asset Protection

From the most basic to the very sophisticated, estate planning questions are important questions to ask – especially for women. It is 2021, and it is time for the world to accept that estate planning is an important topic for women. We are out there in the world busily taking care of our businesses, our […]

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Top 5 Estate Planning Questions – For Women!

It is 2021, and the topic of women and finances has never been more relevant. Even though Vice President Kamala Harris occupies the second-highest office in the United States, the old refrain that women do not have a head for leadership or money persists. And it is time to put it to rest. When you […]

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Women and Finances

Giving to charities and non-profit organizations is a loving way to leave a legacy that can touch many people’s lives long after your death. According to the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), Americans donated a staggering $449.64 billion to charitable causes in 2019 alone. Figures from the NPT show that the causes most benefitting from Americans’ […]

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Estate Planning and Charities

Estate planning and couples is an important topic for all, whether you are married, unmarried, or in a same-sex relationship. Estate planning can be more critical for unmarried couples, as not having a plan could leave the surviving partner unable to make end-of-life or financial decisions for their loved one. It could also leave the […]

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Estate Planning And Couples

Managing generational wealth and planning for what happens to your assets after you pass away can be a great way to help future generations in your family. A well-thought-out estate plan can be a love letter to your children, their children, and beyond. Individuals inheriting generational wealth can have many advantages, including the chance to […]

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Generational Wealth and Estate Planning

Self-care and estate planning actually should go hand in hand. Just as you would plan for your physical health, emotional health, and overall well-being, planning for how your finances are handled after your death or how your health or finances are taken care of if you are unable to do so are both acts of […]

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Estate Planning is Self Care