Hello! I’m Ifeoma (ee-foh-mah) Ibekwe (ee-beck-way), but you can call me Iffy. I help intentional women prepare effective wills, trusts, and legal documents so that their families are protected in the event of death or an unexpected emergency.

Do you want to make sure that your children are taken care of—no matter what? Do you want to protect yourself in the event that you are incapacitated or in need of prolonged medical care?

Every woman deserves a plan to legally protect herself and her loved ones.


We took care of our estate planning on Valentine's Day (yay!) and felt at ease and well informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend that you contact Iffy for your estate planning needs. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, she made us feel welcomed and cared for.

Iffy is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. She was able to explain complicated estate planning concepts to help thecommon person make important life decisions. She gently guided us through the process and was very professional and kind. I would recommend her to anyone. We especially appreciated her attention to detail and genuine concern for educating folks on how to properly be prepared for the unexpected.

I did, too! That’s why I prepared a will, trust, and other legal documents so that I could protect my loved ones in the event of my death or an unexpected emergency.

I have seen the distress that is caused when women do not have their legal documents in order. My father died without a will in 2004 and I saw my mom have to go through the grief of his loss while tying up loose ends of his life in court and at a considerable financial expense. The first thing she did after that difficult process was to create an estate plan so we, her kids, didn’t have to go through the same stress. I never forgot that.

I’ve also seen many women and families struggling because they hadn’t prepared for an unexpected health crisis or death. On numerous occasions, I have been asked to contribute to a crowdfund for a funeral. This shouldn’t be.

My husband and I set up our first estate plan and experienced a measure of relief after intentionally making such an important decision. After 12 years of practicing law for nonprofits, I purposely started my own practice to assist other women who want to experience peace, and secure their families—just in case.

do you want to set up your family to have generational wealth?

After having my first child, I resolved that my family would handle death and emergencies differently. 

Griselda C.

Amy M.



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I am passionate about what I do and my life has been transformed by helping women. As my clients succeed in creating a legacy for their family, I feel a sense of peace.

Each woman’s action inspires me to boldly spread the message of the responsibility of effective estate planning. I have helped more than 150 people establish a will, trust or other legal documents to protect their families.



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One of my clients was a single mom with an ex-husband who battles substance abuse issues. Her biggest fear (and cause of frequent late-night anxiety attacks) was worrying about what would happen to her kids if something were to happen to her. She certainly did not want them (or her hard-earned dollars) to end up in the hands of her unstable ex!

I was so honored to help this mama set up a will and trust to make sure that her kids had special people to care for them and the financial resources to provide for them. We also set up a way for my client to select key family members to take care of her if something were to happen.

Giving a fellow woman such practical tools is something I never dreamed I would be doing while I was toiling away at my former desk job. Encouraging women is my passionate calling and I am able to use my legal know-how to help equip women and families. In a few simple steps, I can give a woman a sense of peace knowing that she’s providing the best for her loved ones—just in case!



I am a double Longhorn. I earned my undergrad and law degrees from THE University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘em Horns!

I am licensed in Texas and I have over 12 years of experience practicing law.

My immigration story is featured on KUT, Austin's NPR affiliate.

I am a recipient of the Up and Coming Lawyer designation by the Austin Black Business Journal.

I am featured in the Austin-American Statesman, the preeminent newspaper for Austin, Texas

I am featured on the Legal Paige and the Texas Young Lawyers’ Association podcasts.

I am a member of the Austin Black Lawyers Association, as well as the Austin Bar Association

There are hundreds of lawyers in Austin and thousands of lawyers in Texas. You want to know what makes me different? I get the needs of women!

My superpower is helping other superwomen keep their loved ones secure—no matter the circumstance. I work with single women, moms (and dads—because we work with a lot of men too!) to find practical solutions to legal questions to life’s “just in case” situations. That’s why I call myself Your “Just in Case” Lawyer™! Also, I LOVE what I do. Like love-love.

Been there. But I’ve taken the courageous step to begin building a business to help fellow women escape stagnancy and intentionally plan for their family’s futures—just in case! Now I’m boldly pursuing my role as a legacy builder and you can too.





Am I the best lawyer for you?

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If you’re willing to set up a plan to protect yourself and your family—just in case, I will show you the way.

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Victoria Camacho was born in Mcallen, Texas but raised between McAllen and Austin. Both places have a special place in her heart. Victoria earned her B.S. in Advertising and Business Administration from Texas State University. She currently has a goal of continuing her education and applying to law school. Victoria’s a social butterfly and she strongly believes and fights for equality and justice for people of all backgrounds. In her free time, she loves to relax with her Boston Terrier named Barley, and try out new recipes (some fail, some do not!)


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Victoria Camacho


Eileen is an attorney with over twelve years of experience ranging from private practice to the public sector, litigation to transactional work, big firms to solo practice. ⁣

Helping people is one of Eileen’s passions, and estate planning allows her to do just that. Eileen also loves teaching, and she is a frequent presenter in the areas of ethics and public procurement.⁣

Eileen earned her law degree from the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law, where she served as the Editor-in-Chief of the SMU Law Review, and she earned a degree in music from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her two girls, writing poetry, playing the piano, and wearing purple.⁣ 

Eileen Lawrence

attorney aka "practitioner in purple"

Mikail McGuire grew up in Layton, Utah, and later moved to Austin. ⁣⁣
Mikail attended Austin Community College, where he earned an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies degree. While working as a paralegal at Ibekwe Law, he’s finishing his college education. ⁣⁣
Mikail’s favorite pastimes include spending time with friends, and walking his dog Misha at the park.

Mikail McGuire

paralegal eagle

Ashanti joins our team as the newest Paralegal Eagle.  She currently resides in Pflugerville with her husband and three beautiful children. Ashanti is working on her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and plans to go to law school.  A transplant from California, she now knows that Texas is the real deal with real bugs! Ashanti really enjoys reading and silent time, especially as a mommy. Her favorite color is pastel pink and she loves soca music. Ashanti describes herself as an introvert who has extrovert moments! 

Ashanti Ajibola